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Stacey Lanter has been in the cosmetic industry since the mid nineties.  She is a licensed aesthetician & makeup artist holding her degree in the field of medical aesthetics.  She is passionate about skin care just as much as she is makeup.  Educating on performance ingredients that will best benefit the skin.  Stacey sees the skin as an important foundation for your makeup.  "If you do not have a good foundation to start with, your makeup will not look great." says Stacey.  She urges clients to follow a good daily skin care regimen and to properly exfoliate and hydrate internally as well as topically for the best glow you can get!  Her blogs are meant to educate and share her knowledge that she has obtained over the years working in many areas of the cosmetic industry.  If you have a blog idea or simply a question to ask Stacey, email her and she will happily answer your questions.