Cow's milk is for baby cows


Posted on July 01 2018

Cow's milk is for baby cows


The Western culture is not known for our healthy eating habits to say the least.  We have more Obesity, Irritable Bowel Disease, Heart Disease, Acne, Sinusitis, Diabetes, Constipation, and Asthma than any other country.  We must start to think about exactly what are we putting into our bodies to cause such "Dis-Ease".  There have been great debates brought on about the consumption of humans drinking cow's milk.  As humans we are the only species that will drink the milk from another species.  If you've ever questioned this rationally it's not without good reason because it's simply not natural not to mention it's not healthy for us!  The dairy industry has turned these beautiful creatures into milk machines for human consumption, cow's milk is intended for baby calves.  So why are we stealing cows milk when all the evidence points to it not being healthy?  As I liked to say to my kids when they were little, "Would you jump off of a bridge just because your friends were doing it? I will try and educate on the topic as best as I can.  Milk goes through much processing before it is deemed "safe" for human consumption and I use the term "safe" loosely. Synthetic hormones are pumped into the cows milk.  Secondly, commercial cows milk contains pus and blood which the USDA allows with set limits as to just how much pus and blood is contained within it by federal standards.  So no, not all of it can be removed.  There are also many toxic chemicals, pesticides, PCBs, and perchlorate found in the milk deemed "safe" by FDA and USDA standards.  With commercial milk being both homogenized and pasteurized it turns milk fats into an artery-clogging substance promoting heart disease.  Plus drinking cow's milk is just as ridiculous as pushing the calf away from his mother for you to drink straight from the teat.  Hum, sounds pretty silly right?  As an aesthetician who has dealt with many acne clients over the years my number one question for the clients has always been diet.  When I see lots of pustules, papules, cystic acne etc...their diet often plays a large role.  Dairy is probably one of the top culprits for most skin conditions I see in the treatment room.  Many clients I have found with skin conditions over the years were heavy dairy consumers whether it be milk, cheeses, yogurt, sour cream etc... As consumers we were told growing up to drink our milk and that milk and its by-products are "healthy."  Or that drinking milk will prevent calcium deficiency or brittle bones.  I can see where the confusion can come from.  We are consumers driven by propaganda and some of us are still listening to standards from companies who are pumping us full of false information in a profit driven world.  There are so many healthier options for getting far more calcium into our diets that even milk can not offer. Many fruits and green leafy vegetables contain high amounts of calcium.  For fruits high in calcium you can look at pears, tangerines, oranges, passion fruit, papaya, blackberries, mulberries, and guavas.  From veggies try kale, broccoli raab, spinach, bok choy, ocre, mustard greens, and turnip greens and many more!  Together we can make better choices and get healthy the right way.  I hope this was informative information whether you are vegan or not we can all choose healthier options that won't cost us our health in the long run plus we will be doing our part to not be stealing milk from baby cows.  

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