Could Your Ingredients Be The Problem? Let's Talk On Sulfates.


Posted on January 17 2019

Could Your Ingredients Be The Problem? Let's Talk On Sulfates.


Sulfates come in many different chemical derivatives but the most harmful when it comes to skin care and hair loss is Sodium "Lauryl" Sulfate and Sodium "Laureth" Sulfate or (SLS).  So what exactly is a sulfate?  Sulfates are what create the foaming action in our products.  They are so effective in degreasing that they are not only used in our hair care and skin care products but also in household cleaning products and mechanic shops use it to degrease car engines by aggressively attacking and stripping greasy surfaces with its corrosive agents!  So why would we want to put these harsh surfactants anywhere on our bodies? 

Sulfates are primarily used due to being an inexpensive detergent.  Don't let the brand fool you because as long as I've been in this industry high end labels are not excluded from the list of companies using these inexpensive degreasers.  The same goes with products your dermatologist office.  Please read your labels carefully.  

A study at the University of Georgia Medical College indicated that SLS's penetrate to all your major organs including the brain, liver, heart, and eyes with long term retention in the tissues.  In young children it prevents the eyes from developing properly and in adults it caused cataracts.  

The number one cause of hair loss and female pattern baldness is a huge factor with sulfates as they dry out the skin and strip it of its natural protective lipids (oil).This destroys the surface lipid barrier so that the skin can not regulate proper moisture.  

Another serious factor is that SLS's can very easily have nitrate contamination as these chemicals react with many other types of skin care products.  Nitrates are a known carcinogen therefore are cancer-causing.  

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